All info in one place: Our new blog

Up to now it could be hard to stay up-to-date with all the news around AirlineSim: Although important news have always been posted to our portal page, smaller bits of information like reports about development, news about smaller patches and other things that didn’t make it onto the portal often got lost. This comes to an end today: Welcome to our new Blog in the new AirlineSim-Design!

Update 6.2-53

This is mostly a tiny maintenance patch except for the new news alert feature that will display a banner in-game whenever new items exist on the blog.

Release date for AirlineSim 6.2

We are finally able to present you with the final release date for AirlineSim 6.2. The full roll-out to all game worlds will take place on March the 2nd. Before that, we will upgrade the Idlewild game world to 6.2 on Thursday the 26th to make sure that ...

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