Welcome to AirlineSim...in English!

We've been working long nights for many weeks to make it possible: The launch of our first ever international website! Although AirlineSim, a realistic and challenging aviation simulation, has been running for over 7 years in German, it went more or less unnoticed by the crowd of English-speaking aviation and business game enthusiasts around the world. This finally comes to an end today!

Let us introduce you to our brand-new portal page, featuring everything a newborn community needs. First of all, there's our central account management system, which allows for a single sign-on across all areas of the site. This includes the portal itself, the forums, the wiki and of course our game servers (as soon as they go online). By registering an account with this system you automatically acquire a Jabber account, granting you simple access to our community chat and a quick communication link to other players. Read more about this feature here and don't hesitate to sign up!

Next there's our forums, the number one place to find help, join discussions with team and community members, and stay up to date with the latest AirlineSim developments. Don't miss this unique opportunity to get involved in AirlineSim's future and become a part of our great community!

Last but not least there's the wiki. Although it will be another few weeks before our first international game server is up and running, you might find it interesting to browse around the wiki and check out the tutorials and information that are already available. We have some diligent helpers at work bringing over as much content from our German wiki as possible. Besides this informational aspect, the wiki is the place for you to present your own airline and its concept. Check out the German wiki to find out about the creativity of some enthusiasic AirlineSim players! You'll be astonished by the level of detail and the amount of dedication put into these airline and alliance profiles!

After all these nice and useful tool: What about the game?! I want to play!

In this respect we have to ask for your patience. We are working hard to get everything ready for the launch of our first international servers and we're planning on finishing this process by the end of this month. Keep in mind that AirlineSim arose from the personal effort of aviation-loving individuals. Now we're making this hobby our day job, and we want to make the playing experience as flawless as possible. Therefore we're brushing up the game in many aspects, both technically and in terms of features, to meet everybody's expectations. As soon as these changes have been implemented and our German servers have been updated with the new systems, AirlineSim is ready to take off once again: In English!

Stay tuned and check this site on a regular basis! We'll keep you informed!