Patch to Version 1.3.19b

Nicosia just received a small patch including the first of some changes mentioned in the post about last weeks usability tweaking. The detailed change-log looks as follows:

Version 1.3.19b

BUGFIX: Wrong negative sign in bank account (only English version)
BUGFIX: Link to open office displayed for players without active enterprise
BUGFIX: New Zealand wasn't displayed with untrestricted market access anymore (only German version)
UPDATE: New Layout for route managemet and flight number pages
UPDATE: Accelerated route change via drop-down menues
UPDATE: Quick access to flight numbers on a route via drop-down menu
UPDATE: Link to flight number from list of booked flights of an aircraft
UPDATE: New moderator tools in holding/enterprise screening
UPDATE: Prices of own booked flights are displayed on route page
UPDATE: Default prices are displayed next to price adjustment forms for routes/flight numbers
UPDATE: Direct links from flight info page to flight number, route and operating aircraft
CHANGE: Assigment of prices and on-board service profiles combined into one step (flight number and route)
CHANGE: Higher upper limits for taking out loans
NEW: Help/Information tooltips added in some places

Please let me know what you think on the forums or on in the comments and report any problems that might occur to our support address.