More payment options in Italy and Poland

We received news from Ukash today that their vouchers can now be easily purchased throughout Italy and Poland. But I suggest you just read for yourself:

Ukash is proud to announce that consumers in two of Europe’s largest cash markets can now get Ukash at point of sale or online.

1250 epay terminals in independent convenience stores across Italy are now issuing Ukash vouchers in 10,20,50,100 EUR denominations. And, in another move to make getting Ukash as easy as possible, vouchers from 10 – 100 EUR are now available online to consumers in Italy with internet banking.

Plus, in Poland Ukash is available for the first time at point of sale. 6500 epay terminals in independent retailers can now issue 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 750 PLN vouchers. This extends the availability of Ukash in this growing economy beyond the established online issuing from Dotpay.