Focus: The recommendation feature

Not long ago Aquila, our central account management system, got its first major update since the launch of the international AirlineSim community. One of the bigger new features was only mentioned as a sidenote so far: The friend recommendation feature.

The way it works is both obvious and simple: After entering the name and email address of a friend, we send an invitation to your buddy, asking him whether he wishes to try out AirlineSim. If he signs up, enjoys the game and buys at least 300 credits, we'll give you 100 credits as a little thank you for free! By doing this you will support the development of AirlineSim and, as a positive side-effect, your friend will most likely be grateful for the heads-up as well.

If you wish to spread the word, simply click here (you need to be signed in). In case you have questions or comments regarding this feature and its purpose, please drop us a note here or on the forums.