The first international User Advisory Board

The elections are over and we are happy to welcome the first members of the User Advisory Board. TimS, FabianCR, seppenberger, Notna, BarbulaM1 and vasco will be members for one year (12/2009-11/2010). They will be granted access to the internal forums of the User Advisory Board within the next few days and will play an important role in ensuring that AirlineSim stays a fair game and your favourite airline simulation! Thanks to them for their effort! As you probably noticed there are six new members although only five seats were originally available. This is because BarbulaM1 and vasco received the same amount of votes, so we expanded the board to six seats and the next elections in three months will be reduced to four.

Unfortunately we had a case of voting fraud because of which one candidate was not accepted as a member although he seemingly gathered enough votes. He will also be excluded from all future elections to the board. Since he informed us about this ahead of our own investigations, there won't be another penalty.