Alphatest for 1.5 is about to begin

We just finished sending out the repsonses to the many applications we received for the soon-to-start closed Alpha test. Those who were accepted received an email containing all the details you need to get started. Please note that it might take a few hours to days until we have prepared all the involved systems for the test.

Overall about 100 people applied to  take part of whom we picked 25 lucky individuals who will be taking part in the test. The effort and detail many of you put into your applications was amazing and made it tough for us to decide. For those of you who received a rejection let us asure you that your effort is appreciated and that you should definately try again next time!

Just to point this out once more: We picked the candidates by several factors including technical specifications of the employed client system, experience level (both "high" and "low" are important), previous testing experience and others. Of course a certain random component was added as well to ensure a broad mix of different combinations.

This Alpha test is intended to prepare the next major milestone of our airline simulation for a public Beta test which will hopefully start within a few months time. For those of you who cannot take part in the tests themselves we will provide as many details from the test world as possible.