AirlineSim on your phone?

I know that a lot of you are already using smart phones (like the iPhone), netbooks and other more or less mobile devices to access online content. All these devices have in common, that they feature a very small screen and largely different input methods compared to regular PCs, which often makes using legacy websites a pain.

Of course, AirlineSim is no exception in this matter, but developing a specific interface for mobile devices is a lot of work and requires special skills, epecially with a data-boasting game like AS.

Therefore I'd like to know how many of you are already using AS from mobile devices or wish to do so. This information might help us decide whether it would be worth the effort to create a new additional interface for mobile devices or whether it would suffice to adjust the existing one.

We have started a poll on the forums and we would be glad if you could spare a few minutes to cast your vote and to let us know what you think about the topic. Thank you!