AirlineSim moves into new Frankfurt office

April Fools! These news are of course imaginary.

The International version of AirlineSim has been a great success so far, having outpaced our growth predictions significantly. However, as you all know, growth can't take place in a vacuum - some level of infrastructure is needed to keep things organised. Therefore, simulogics, the parent company through which we operate AirlineSim, will be opening its first physical office sooner than planned. It's great news for us, and of course it would be wrong not to give the project an aeronautical theme. Therefore, we will be renting a complete floor in the old air traffic control tower at Frankfurt airport, previously used for aircraft gate assignments and soon to be on the head office and nerve center for simulogics - and, of course, a place where our faithful players can drop in to say hello!

Besides the offices for our seemingly ever-growing team, we will be installing a lounge in the front of the building, with a view over the airport apron. For a charge of a few credits players will be able to shorten their wait time until their flight departs, and even use the lounge to discuss new features with the developers who will show up occasionally. We aren't aware of any other gaming companies that have achieved such a seamless fusion between an online game world and the real world, and we're looking forward to the exciting new opportunities it will bring both to our team and to our players.

As the contract with FRAport has not been finalized, details on the subscription and entry costs to the new player lounge are not available just yet. However, current AirlineSim players are advised to get in touch with us via, as we're holding a prize draw for tickets to the opening celebration! The exact date of the meeting is yet to be announced, but will definitely be a weekend in order to maximise the number of players we can accomodate.