Summer. Airplanes. Amsterdam!

What's better than a combination of warm, sunny weather, the smell of burned kerosene, some heavy metal passing over your head, plenty of good food, some cool beers and long discussions with fellow aviation geeks about your favorite airline simulation? Can't think of anything? We neither!

Summer is coming and we will have our traditional summer meet-up! For the first time ever the event will take place in the wonderful city of Amsterdam, Netherlands, with the official part of the meeting commencing on August the 7th, 2010. Usually there is some inofficial get-together on the following day for all those who don't leave the day before already.

As mentioned above and contrary to our city events (like London 2010, don't forget to sign up!), the event is supposed to have a somewhat strong aviation focus. As usual though, the program is more or less open and we look forward to your suggestions on how we can make this a fun event for everybody! We invite anyone to join the discussions on our forums.

For those of you who are on Facebook, we have also created an event page HERE!

See you in Amsterdam!