Video time! The new AS 1.5 interface

It's been a while since we released a video about the upcoming AirlineSim 1.5. So here it is, the third video in a series about the features and improvements the new version will introduce. This time we focused on an in-depth introduction to the completely revised interface of the game. But see for yourself!

As usual, we recommend to watch the video directly over at Vimeo for better quality and larger screen size.

Some words on the content for the impatient: The new interface was redesigned with three key goals in mind. Firstly we wanted to slim down the header and the navigation to require less space. AS is a highly complex airline simulation and as such we need as much space for actual content like large tables or charts as possible. Secondly we wanted to improve usability and generall accessibility of the main features and places within the game. The icon-based navigation now looks a lot less cluttered and the sorting by topic makes it easier to find the feature you are looking for quickly. Last but not least we wanted to bring the visual design up to current standards worthy of a modern, web-based management game.

We sincerely hope you enjoy the changes and we look forward to your feedback! In the meantime we are hard at work to open AirlineSim 1.5 for a public Beta some time around next week. So stay tuned!