Beta test for 1.5 has started

We proudly announce the launch of the release 1.5 public beta-test! All data from existing game world nicosia have been converted to this new server and release. This means - if you already have an account and airline on nicosia, you will find your airline on the test-server too.

Your way to the public beta-test:

And of course some faq regarding the beta-test:

1.) How long is the public beta-test intended to last?
We're planing a beta-test period of three weeks. Due to maybe found errors or problems it might be shorter or even longer.

2.) Is there any tutorial for the new release?

No, not at the moment.All wiki-pages are still based on the 1.3 release. But we're working on it!

3.) Why can't I find my fleet, flights etc.?
There is no difference between holdings and enterprises anymore. Therefor your current company selection might be the former holding, where is no airline business. Simply change the company/enterprise on the header bar.

4.) Why are all booked flights (flight instances) deleted?
Due to the conversion of the release 1.3 data to 1.5 all booked flights have to be cancelled. The system is now starting like the flights would have been all new. This is also necessary for the new flight rating system.

5.) Does the system books passengers and freight like in release 1.3?
No, the flight-rating system is completely new. Therefor you should avoid to high prices and reduce them to a "normal" scale. Flights with 200% prices might not be booked.

6.) May I delete a former holding?
Every company/enterprise - also the former holding may be deleted. But by deleting an enterprise you may also delete subsidiaries where this enterprise is a major stakeholder.

7.) Do I have to pay for the beta test?
No - the public beta test doesn't cost you any credits. But you have to register an account and your account mustn't have a negative credit balance.

8.) Where to report bugs or errors?
Like any error or bug - simply send us an e-mail to - please don't forget to mention the server (Stapleton) and enterprise.

9.) Is there any "known-bugs" overview?
Not at the moment. But we will provide one.