Third international game world starts today

Rumors have been floating around the forums and elsewhere for quite a while, but now it's official: A new game world will launch later today! We will start the game whenever the technical setup is ready and last minute issues have been addressed. Therefore expect the doors to open in the late afternoon, European time.

The new game world - the name will be officially announced as soon as it's opened - will run the latest patch level 1.5.2 and bleeding-edge master data (airports, aircraft etc.). These facts are worth knowing if you are interested in playing on the new server:

  • The game will run on a standard configuration (all aircraft, all airports, ground networks enabled).
  • The initial passenger demand has been slightly reduced for the start-up phase and will be adjusted as the amount of players/airlines grows.
  • Some airport and aircraft characteristics differ from the existing game worlds.

At this point I'd like to point your attention towards a policy that has been common practice for quite some time, but has never been officially announced: From 1.5.2 we will do data patches in a way that will not worsen the situation of any single player in a harmful way. Prime examples for this are changes in airport size or the addition of new nighttime bans, both of which cause major disturbance to the schedules of any airline operating out of the affected airports. Updates like these will only be applied to new game worlds, while existing ones only receive positive or neutral changes (extended runway length, more slots, updated demand etc.).

For a complete list of changes, new features and bugfixes contained in 1.5.2, please read on.

  • Defect #549: Wrong generation of ground networks
  • Defect #554: Check layout of stock page
  • Defect #555: Cosmetic: A/C condition colour different
  • Defect #586: Maintenance partner not changed on company reset
  • Defect #588: Check if transport-rights for VIA Fights are ok
  • Defect #594: Named item search returns wrong match quality
  • Defect #595: Sort order for shareholders
  • Defect #600: Influence of employee mood in the flight rating system
  • Defect #604: Discount on multiple ac-order
  • Defect #610: Problem to fire staff
  • Feature #550: Deleting Threads within the Alliance Discussion Board
  • Feature #552: Slotlink within Flight Number Scheduling
  • Feature #575: Mark aircrafts not able to carry full possible pax-no. even with 100% MPL
  • Feature #583: Mous-Over - Time Information
  • Change #601: Make game ready for fresh installs