Update 1.5.2 and news round-up

Today, both Nicosia and Croydon received updates to 1.5.2. This is the same patch-level Tempelhof had at launch. As such, please find all changes and updates in the respective announcement.

Besides this, we'd like to use this opportunity to point your attention towards some topics that might have been neglected due to the release of 1.5 and the launch of Tempelhof.

Upcoming development

After the development of 1.5, which lasted about one year, we are now shifting to a lower gear for a few weeks to gain some fresh energy for AirlineSim and other projects. But don't worry: After this vacation we will work towards reaching our old update schedule. This is: One maintenance release each month containing bugfixes and minor features and improvements.

Concerning the longer term goals for AirlineSim we are still evaluating the various possible and wished-for features we got on our list. For now, what AS 1.6 might look like and when it will be released is completely up in the air though.

AirlineSim Holiday Event 2010

It's almost become a tradition already: After our previous christmas events in Vienna and Dresden, this year we will meet in Nuremberg. The event is a non-aviation, family-friendly meet-up that takes place in a beautiful city with a traditional christmas market. This year's date is Saturday, the 18th of December.

Please sign up on Facebook and or on our forums.

AirlineSim on Twitter and Facebook

For those who missed it so far: AirlineSim and simulogics are present on both Facebook and Twitter. We use these channels to release tiny updates and bits of information that do not warrant an own entry on the portal or in the forums. You can follow the Twitter streams without having an account yourself by using the Twitter website or and RSS reader. These are our profiles:

Don't forget: Every now and then we publish voucher codes for free credits on these profiles!