New discussion boards online

EDIT: The new forums are now officially in service! The old ones are kept for reference here.

A crucial part of our "community unification effort" are unified forums for all players, no matter what language they speak. Although it will be another week until the transition of our German community into the international one takes place, we have put up our new discussion boards already so you can have a thorough look at them before our current board goes into "read-only mode" some time next week.

If you already possess an account (you definitely will if you are playing AirlineSim right now), just head here and sign-in: No sign-up required!

We are employing a different software for the new forums and as such, both you and us will probably need some adjustment time to get used to all the new or different features. Especially the fact that these boards will be multi-lingual means that we will require a few weeks to streamline our processes of posting announcements, dealing with UAB proceeding, organizing events and similar things that are relevant to all players independent of language. Please stick with us!

PS: We recommend to start new discussions on the new forums from now on!