Maintenance release

We have patched all game worlds to version This is merely a maintenance release intended to address some urgend stability and performance issues. Please find the changes below:

Defect #1169: Leasing/buying second hand aircraft causes exceptions
Defect #1175: Wrong charset in IGMs
Defect #1180: Standard Cabin Config malfunctioning
Defect #1201: Missing English names for countries on former German servers
Defect #1204: Enterprise selection "forgotten" spanning several long-running requests
Defect #1207: Leasing/sale contracts can be created twice in some situations
Defect #1209: Bought second-hand aircraft do not show up in fleet
Feature #1171: Slot Overview - different color for 100% filled slots
Change #1205: Better error pages for StaleState/LockAquisition exceptions
Change #1208: Refactor registration assignment code
Change #1210: Make country regs re-usable again

If you come across any problems, please let us know!