AirlineSim launches 8th game world "Stapleton"

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It has been almost ten years since the AirlineSim project started. Two years have flown by since the launch of the first international server and just a few weeks have passed since the International and German communities were merged to become one. Now, the online airline management game AirlineSim has reached another milestone: The eighth game world - named “Stapleton” after the former airport of Denver - will go live on the 13th of July. It will be able to accommodate another 1200 players, along with their airlines and imaginations!

In aviation, the digit “8” has become a symbol: Recently developed aircraft, such as the Boeing 787, 747-8 or the Airbus A380 all carry this number in their names. And it plays a special role for AirlineSim as well: Being the first one to be launched after the merger of the communities, the eighth game world will also be the first one to be available for both the International and the German community at the same time.

In this context, the annual AirlineSim Convention will take place in Frankfurt, August 20th to 21st. Apart from the community meeting, discussions at the round table with the developers and presentations from the AirlineSim universe, the team will provide a sneak preview on upcoming developments and the next major version 1.6. This release will implement many radical changes which will further enhance long-term motivation on each and every server.
Moreover, the social part of the convention - an established “routine” among participants - is not to be missed, whether it’s the giant “Schnitzel” (escalope) dinner or the adept discussions unfolding as the typical german cider is served as the grand finale of the evening.