Version 1.5.8

UPDATE II: All game worlds have been patched. Please note that some have accumulated quite a bit of backlog due to the rather long downtimes. UPDATE: For technical reasons we were only able to upgrade Idlewild and Croydon. The other game worlds will follow tomorrow. Thank you for your understanding! Finally, after a regrettably long period of relative silence, we are able to announce a patchday: Today we will upgrade all game worlds to version 1.5.8. This is a maintenance release, primarily, largely consisting of small new features, bugfixes and various performance- and stability-optimizations. As usual, you can find a complete change-log at the end of this post. **A few words about the course of action:** We will upgrade Kaitak and Idlewild first. If all goes to plan, the other machines will follow right afterwards. Please be aware that - due to changes to our statistics database - the upgrade process can take **several hours** during which the game worlds will be inaccesible. Thank you for your patience and your understanding! And here goes the change-log: - Defect \#1213: Deletion of enterprises with long names may cause blocker - Defect \#1218: No partial leasing rate for cancelled leasing contracts on enterprise liquidation - Defect \#1219: Headline IGM - Lessee '{0}' files for bankruptcy - Defect \#1221: Novation of leasing contract fails when provider is deleted - Defect \#1225: Fix and optimize relation statistics collection - Defect \#1230: Generation of weekly transport stats is skipped under high load - Defect \#1241: Aircraft naming with more than 40 characters - Defect \#1295: Interlining within holding structure - Feature \#1202: Add paging to flight numbers page - Feature \#1240: Delete Accounts on a gameworld on liquidation of last holding - Feature \#1262: Load Monitoring - Additional Filter "Load factor greater than or equal X" - Feature \#1282: Finder for free flight numbers - Change \#1088: Rework company reset/delete page - Change \#1179: English Translation - Signing IPO - Change \#1200: Replace remaining in-game links to 4players pages - Change \#1206: Truncate statistics after about 30 weeks - Change \#1239: New phrase for Office Transfer Statistics widget - Change \#1242: Multiple airline deletions by accident - Change \#1245: HTML-Code in Text - Change \#1321: Change in text small logo upload