December Status Update

Find below a long overdue summary of current information on AirlineSim:

Development Status
As most active players have doubtlessly notices, we didn't make as much development progress as we'd like to have made. The prime reason for this is that we need to finish another (non-game) project which is taking far more time than planned. Nonetheless, more of these side projects will be required in the future as we didn't succeed in shaping AirlineSim into a viable business over the past two years since its internationalization.

Of course, development and operation of AS will continue, even though we will need to make some adjustments to our development process. That said we will move away from the classic patchday model towards a continuous update strategy. Small and medium-sized changes will be deployed as soon they are ready and tested. This allows for a far more flexibility during development and a better utilization of our limited time budget. Larger features - like the new aircraft configurator scheduled for 1.6 - will be broken down in as many sub-features as possible and integrated piece by piece. To some extend this should prevent endless waiting periods in which no new new features are released due to a lack of resources.

We've been living this new approach for a few weeks now and you can follow and comment on our progress on the development logbook board.

AirlinSim becoming even more international
For some time now, AirlineSim has been available in Dutch. Although the game has been built with localization in mind from day one, this is the first new translation to be introduced since we launched in English two years ago. But now we got three additional translations in the makings which should be ready for release in a few months time: Chinese, Spanish and French. A big thank goes out to the voluntary supporters who have chosen to tackle this immense amount of work free of charge!

Christmas meet-up in Salzburg
This is a final reminder that this years Christmas meet-up is coming up! The event will take place on December 17th in the beautiful Austrian city of Salzburg. All details can be found non the respective board. The Christmas meet-ups are traditionally geared towards being more family-friendly and less aviation-focused. The two main parts of the program are strolling the traditional Christmas market and enjoying local cuisine in cosy atmosphere. To make long things short: The ideal way of getting to know your fellow alliance member or your biggest opponents!

Events 2012
Important information for anybody who wants to book early or has to make arrangements with his employer: The dates for next year's community event are out! Since 2012 marks the 10th anniversary of AirlineSim, special emphasis should be put on the special birthday event on Mallorca.

  • International Meet-Up, Dublin: June 9th and 10th 2012
  • 10th Anniversary Convention, Mallorca: September 22nd and 23rd 2012
  • Christmas Meet-Up, Location will be determined in Salzburg, Dezember 15th 2012

Further information and details on the particular events follow. As always, feel free to discuss the new events on our forums!