Update of all game worlds to Meigs patch level

A brief overview of the most important information:

  • Update of all game worlds to the "Meigs-level" patch will take place on Wednesday, May 2nd.
  • Changes in demand may lead to varying booking levels!

Now that the urgent performance problems with the game worlds Nicosia* and Croydon have been resolved, we are ready to introduce the changes made in the Meigs patch to the existing game worlds. The upgrade has been scheduled for May 2nd 2012 and will contain several technical changes and adjustments to the core data, as follows.

The successful adjustment of the traffic flow - ie through regions such as the Hawaiian islands, Alaska, etc., but also demand for the so far ignored Iraq -, as demonstrated on Meigs, will be applied to the existing game worlds. The patch will also introduce the AGEX business cycle index, which will introduce more dynamics into the game. Both features will have an influence on the booking behaviour! It is recommended to build up some cash reserves before the patch is applied, in order to handle any possible negative developments. In addition, the new credit guidelines will find their way to the existing game worlds. They are designed to eliminate the leverage effect for recently founded (new) companies.

The start of the Meigs game world saw the introduction of ArlineSim in Chinese and we are happy to announce that there will also be a completed French translation ready tol be rolled out to all existing game worlds with the upgrade. At this point, we would like to thank all those who volunteered for their hard work, making it possible to have AirlineSim in five languages now. Despite the continuous growth, German and English will remain the official languages used by AirlineSim as of now.

A few details regarding the data changes: Besides the introduction of new aircraft types, such as the Antonov 148, ATR 42/72-600, Boeing 747-8 and 787-8, RUAG DO228NG and the Sukhoi Superjet, an adjustment will also be made to some existing aircraft types in order to bring their fuel consumption more in line with competing aircraft types. Specifically, this concerns the Bombardier CRJ-1000 and the Embraer jets from the EMB170-195 series.

In addition, the purchase price for some of the Boeing 777 types as well as the Airbus A380 will be reduced, bringing them in line with comparable aircraft from the same manufacturer. Contrary to the fuel consumption changes, these changes will only take effect for new orders. Existing aircraft will retain their original value.

Last but not least, there have also been additional changes to the airport data. Besides the already announced changes, Oceania has now received its overhaul, in which the database has been updated and corrected with current data, such as runway lengths or the absolute demand. Some new airports have also been added. Further information is available in the Development Logbook, which can be found on the forums.

* Nicosia will probably see the recently announced move to new hardware some time this week.