2012 on final approach - 2013 ready for take-off

In just a few days, another year will come to an end for AirlineSim. Time to look back and ahead a bit.

2012 was obviously all about the game’s 10th anniversary. While summer was rather meager around AirlineSim’s headquarters, the birthday celebrations on the sunny and warm island of Mallorca were - without a doubt - the highlight of the year.

But there have been many more big and small news in 2012: With Meigs and Pearls, two new game worlds “took to the skies”. New and interesting features like the AGEX, a completely overhauled aircraft market and a fully rebuilt fleet management tool were just the most important ones introduces during the year. The complete rewrite of our unique ORS finally put an end to our most annoying and long-lasting performance issues. And last but not least, Chinese and Spanish are the latest additions to our range of alternative languages offered.

Of course we plan on continuing on this path of continuous evolution and extension throughout 2013. Everyone who’s joined us at the recent AirlineSim Christmas meet-up in Stuttgart has already had the chance to peek at what we’ve got in store for next year. Among the things planned there is a whole group of features that will allow us to bring more variety to the settings of new game worlds by allowing us to start them in different eras.

But before we take on these challenges the team will be off to spend some time with friends and family. As usual, we will guarantee basic support in case of emergencies and we will keep an eye on our servers so you can enjoy playing AirlineSim over the holidays.

We want to thank all supporters and partners that made running AirlineSim possible throughout 2012 and we wish Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year to all of our fans and players!

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