AirlineSim sister project launches with new game world

UPDATE: This was of course an April Fool's joke. We will leave the game world running until next Monday (April 8th) but registrations are not possible anymore. The game world will not cost any credits until it's switched off.

Many player suggestions and the desire for something new have led us to the development of our latest game project: SpacelineSim. In technical terms this is a total conversion of AirlineSim - the successful formula of our flagship product is maintained while we translate it into a refreshing space scenario. The airline simulation has become a spaceflight simulation.

Due to the fictional setting a lot of “earthly problems” don’t apply: For example no real airport or aircraft data had to be researched. Instead you acquire spacecraft by various manufacturers and - in good old AirlineSim tradition - connect the star systems of a future space civilization. Each people on the starmap has its own history and specific relationships with its neighboring territories causing the individual traffic flows known and loved from the base game.

With the opening of the first SpacelineSim game world today, we write forth the success story of AirlineSim and lay the foundation for a new AirlineSim-based product family. The game world will carry the name “Picard”, named both after the legendary dynasty of explorers and adventurers as well as the fictional protagonist of one of the most popular science fiction series in the world from that very line.

Should SpacelineSim meet the expected popularity with players we are ready to add further modifications to AirlineSim. Several kinds of transport simulation would be possible: From down-to-earth variants like Shipping- and TrainSim to rather unusual settings like Submarine- or BicycleSim.

But first, off to New Frontiers! The doors of the game world Picard are open with immediate effect HERE!