New game world to launch on November 26th

Finally, we have a date: Our 12th game world will be launched officially on November 26th 2013. As always, the exact launch time will only be announced on the same day, so keep an eye on our Twitter or Facebook accounts. The new game world will feature several improvements and a slightly different configuration. These are the details:

New cabin editor

The new game world will be the first opportunity to try out the new cabin editor. We estimate to be able to roll it out to the existing game worlds in two weeks time, when we can be sure of not having overlooked any teething problems.

Immediate Delivery Program

Another innovation that will also be applied on existing game worlds is the Immediate Delivery Program. Up to a certain price total it will allow newly founded airlines to receive their first aircraft without delay. This shall speed up bootstrapping your airline by avoiding long waiting times for aircraft deliveries or at the aircraft market. That way, resets will also be less painful.

New formula for landing fees

For now only on the new game world we will be testing a new formula for landing fees. It will depend on the size of both airports on a certain route as well as the aircraft size and shall prevent small and very small aircraft from being scheduled on routes between large airports by rendering them less attractive financially. The formula might be adjusted within the first weeks on the new game world. If and how it might be applied on existing game worlds has yet to be decided on.

Special configuration: No used aircraft

The new game world will drastically differ from all game worlds that have been launched so far in one aspect: It will start completely empty. This means there will be no used aircraft available after the launch. You will have to order all aircraft directly from the manufacturers, so there will be only modern aircraft that are still in production at the moment. The aircraft market will become more important over time, when the first aircraft from liquidations are for sale.

Data Improvements

We constantly work on improving and maintaining our core data, that is, our airports, aircraft etc. As such, tomorrow’s game world launch will also include a big batch of updates. Highlights include over 500 updates to the airport data, 95 new airports and the Antonov An-158 as an additional aircraft type.