Data Patch and Seating Corrections

Airports, aircraft and seats … all new in 2014.

22 new airports in Canada and China have been added with the new data patch, while another 192 airports received data updates.

Likewise, and after comprehensive discussions aided by some users - who we’d explicitly like to thank again - the cabin dimensions for some aircraft types have been fundamentally revised. The inconsistency regarding the length of the “LieFlat 160” seat has also been corrected. As before, cabin configurations can be replaced with full refund for old configurations.

Also, several new subtypes like the Airbus Enhanced series for A319-A231, winglets for 757 and 767 and the Saab 340A freighter are now available. Note that only types that are currently produced will show up in existing game worlds. Out-of-production types will be available as used aircraft in future game worlds.

See this PDF for a detailed listing of all changes:

We wish you lots of fun with the new data and would like to thank all of you, who supported us by reporting incorrect data!

If you come across missing or incorrect data in AirlineSim, please send an e-mail to We will review your report and solve it within the next patches, when applicable.