New prices and game world starting 1st April

For 3.5 years now, prices for AirlineSim have remained constant. However AirlineSim is probably the most complex online airline simulation game out there, with above-average hardware requirements and high development costs for the kind of niche game that it is. We also try to keep legacy game worlds running indefinitely and launch new ones on a regular basis. For these reasons we cannot avoid a price increase. So effective 1st April 2014, the following prices for credits will apply:

  • 50 Credits: 1,80€
  • 100 Credits: 3,60€
  • 250 Credits: 8,60€
  • 500 Credits: 16,60€
  • 1000 Credits: 31,70€
  • 2000 Credits: 62,40€

We want to thank you very much for your understanding and hope you’ll stick with the game anyway. We don’t like increasing prices, but there’s no way around it if we want to keep AirlineSim running and improving the way it does now.

But there’s good news, too. On the same date, we will launch our first ever “Beginner’s Game World”! This game world is less restricted than our standard game worlds, which means twice the amount of slots, no restrictions on night time flying and the full range of aircraft—old and new—available for order from the factory. The only catch: This game world will have a predetermined end-of-life date. You will be able to activate this game world until 1st October and it will be terminated on 1st December. Whether this termination will be a shutdown or a reset depends on how well this concept is received. We see it as an experiment to lower the entry barriers for new players. And don’t worry, we will of course continue to launch regular, unlimited game worlds in the future.

And on a last note: Don’t forget that the current low prices are still available throughout all of March!