New game world: "Quimby" launches

Instead of an April Fools joke, there’s some real news for you this year!

Today, we launch our first “Beginner’s Game World” called Quimby - time-limited, but with a higher degree of freedom, thus allowing you to try something new or different that might be impossible to pull off in our regular game worlds. This means twice the amount of slots, no nighttime bans or noise restrictions and all aircraft available for order.

With this new game world, we also roll out a large upgrade. The main visible change is new standard prices which now follow individual formulas for each class. But it also includes a huge amount of code changes “under the hood” from the spring cleaning already mentioned in the development logbook. While these changes are intended to improve the stability and performance of the game and lay the groundwork for future developments, we will test them for the first time on Quimby and expect some initial teething problems. Should you come across any problems or bugs, please let us know using the usual support channels. Once we’re confident that the system performs as expected, we will apply the patch to all other game worlds as well.

Last but not least, we have also prepared a small data patch that mainly corrects prices for old aircraft types. Find all data changes here: