AirlineSim 6.1: Schedule Transfer Tool and Automated Transfer Flights

Today we launch a new version of AirlineSim that introduces two new features: A tool that allows quick and easy transfer of aircraft flight plans from one aircraft to another and automated transfer flights. To learn more about these additions to the game, make sure to watch the video below and to check out the FAQ we added to the end of this post.

Why do flights appear red in scheduling even though they have been unlocked?

Red flights are invalid, that is, due to missing slots, overlapping flights or for technical reasons the aircraft is unable to operate this flight. To find out why a flight is invalid, click the "calendar" icon in your schedule view - "set planner to this flight number".

Why are some invalid flights booked in and others are not?

Flights are not booked in if they are invalid for any reason (see above). An exception are incomplete flight plans: Flights are also marked as invalid when the schedule is inconsistent. But since you could fix this using manual or automated transfer flights, they will still be booked in.

What happens to my slots in case of an invalid schedule?

Slots will not be blocked for any flight marked as invalid. You have to ensure a flight is valid before slots are allocated again. In case of overlapping flights, this is the case for both involved flights. So even if only the second flight would have to be moved a bit to make the schedule valid again, no slots will be allocated for the first first flight.

What are automated transfer flights?

After booking your flights into the reservation system the system checks whether the first flight in the queue starts at the current location of the aircraft. If not, it will automatically schedule a transfer flight to this airport. You can still schedule transfer flights manually but keep in mind that - as today - only one transfer flight can exist per aircraft at any time.

Do I have to take turn-around times into account when dealing with transfer flights?

The system doesn't treat transfer flights as regular flights. There won't be any checks for range slots or turn-around times. The only thing that counts is that the flight arrives at its destination before the next flight will take off.

My aircraft has been grounded due to low condition - but no maintenance takes place and no transfer flight has been scheduled.

Maintenance is calculated by the system whenever a flight takes off and only at the airport the aircraft is currently located at. If the next flight takes off from another airport, no maintenance will take place. At the same time, automated transfer flights are only scheduled when the condition of the aircraft allows flight operations. You can resolve this situation by scheduling a transfer flight manually.