"Compensation Week" and new game world

We are aware of the fact that playing AirlineSim hasn't been an unconditionally enjoyable experience lately, with performance problems plaguing the game for many weeks. We would like to apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused and thank you for sticking with us anyhow. For this reasons we will - starting today - switch off credit consumption for all game worlds until next Friday. This means, AirlineSim will essentially be free to play for 5 days.

To mark the occasion we have decided to launch a new game world as well. Named Ellinikon after the former airport of Athens, Greece, it offers a "classic configuration" with used aircraft available from the beginning and the possibility to run more than one holding per account. You can find the new game world [HERE](http://ellinikon.airlinesim.aero/).
Anyone who plays AirlineSim for the first time this week and wants to upgrade to a premium account or if you want to buy credits despite the disabled credit consumption, make sure to enter the voucher code FREEWEEK14 during your purchase. It add 30 free credits and is valid until Friday the 8th of August.