AirlineSim Winter Meetup 2014 in Vienna

The AirlineSim Convention lies behind us and it’s time to prepare for our next event. This year, our annual winter meetup will take place in Vienna, Austria. This is not the first time we’re hosting this event in Vienna: We already went there 6 years ago and are happy to return in 2014.

We will meet at Vienna Airport on Saturday, the 20th of December, at around 10:00 to 11:00. A more precise time and location will be fixed once we have a more definite guest list. We will again start the program with one or two aviation-related visits around the airport (details to follow), will then head downtown for the classic sightseeing and Christmas market tour and will finally end the day at an Austrian restaurant for some authentic food and drinks.

As it is always the case for our winter meetups, the aviation part of the event is both minimal as well as interesting to “non-fans”. As such it’s the perfect event to bring your family and friends. After all, who wouldn’t want to visit Vienna in Winter?

Our hotel recommendations: