AirlineSim 6.2 goes live with new game world Riem

After many months of development we’re happy to announce that AirlineSim 6.2 has finally been released. And of course, there’s a new game world to go along with it. Let us tell you all there is to know about it:

The Name

Since AirlineSim 6.2 has been first announced in Munich, we think Riem would be the ideal name for our new game world. If you don’t care about all the other details, you can head there right away:

The Configuration

Riem is a “hard” game world: It has launched without any used aircraft and with a dramatically reduced level of passenger demand. The demand levels will be adjusted over time but will generally remain below those of our existing game worlds.

The Design

AirlineSim has a new look. And by that we mean everything: The logo, the colors, the website and of course the game itself. The interface now works a lot better on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets while the visuals of the game are reminiscent of legacy IT systems and convey the new motto of AirlineSim: To be the airline simulation for pros!

The Features

The full list of new features that are part of version 6.2 is too long for this post. But a few highlights are the new scheduling features like speed overrides and departure offsets, the brand-new connection analyzer and our completely overhauled system for terminal assignments. You can find a comprehensive list of all additions here.

AirlineSim 6.2 is available on all game worlds today. If you want to learn more about it, make sure to check the FAQs we have collected over the course of the Early Access phase.