Roll-out of AirlineSim 6.3 to all game worlds this week

AirlineSim 6.3, the new version that has introduced Delays and Dynamic Turnaround Times to the game, has now been running in the Quimby game world for a few weeks. We're happy to say that it works as expected and that the issues encountered and reported by players so far are minor ones. Obviously, further tuning and balancing of the single turnaround activities will continue, but in terms of technology, we deem 6.3 to be ready for a general roll-out to all game worlds.

This roll-out will take place this week after we've addressed a few of the issues mentioned above. Once again I want to stress that the dynamic part of the new feature will not be active in existing game worlds. The most important change you will be able to see will be the somewhat different rendering of the visual flight plan. You do not have to worry about your schedules being broken after the upgrade has been applied. The only way you will be able to cause delays in existing game worlds is by deliberately scheduling overlaps in your flight plans.

Whether and when the dynamic part will be enabled in legacy game worlds has yet to be decided. A lively discussion about this is taking place on our forums, but our official stand at this time is that the earliest we would activate the dynamic features would be once we have modeled all turnaround activities with final formulas (right now, some activities like cabin cleaning are basically placeholders). And even once this criteria is met, we will most likely leave the decision to the affected players (by means of a poll in the respective game worlds) and, when in doubt, would generally lean towards maintaining the status quo instead of messing up airlines that might have taken players years to build up.