The CS100, brought to you by Otto

Just in time for the real-life entry into service of the Bombardier CS100 with Swiss, you will be able to operate this type in all game world as of today. But who the heck is Otto?

New game world: Otto

That’s right: Our second temporary game world is now open and it is called, well, Otto! Let me explain our somewhat creative naming choice: Since our temporary game worlds are named after aviation pioneers but the surname of the legendary Otto Lilienthal is a bit long (and somewhat overused), we decided to go with the catchier and shorter first name this time.

Otto comes with a more or less standard configuration and allows to have more than one holding per account. Contrary to most of our other recent game worlds though, it starts with second hand planes from the beginning and therefore offers a bit more variety when it comes to aircraft types.

Get started right away!

A new (temporary) game world every 4 months

For the first time ever, we now have two temporary game worlds in parallel: Quimby and Otto. The idea is that each of them will run for 8 months and then be reset. This happens with a 4 month offset, so anyone who likes to run airlines with a green field approach has the opportunity to do so every 4 months.

Additional temporary game worlds might launch in the future, for example to test new features under real-world conditions but before rolling them out to all game worlds. These would typically run for shorter periods of time.

What about open-ended game worlds?

The traditional AirlineSim game world is an open-ended one and that is not going to change. As such, there will definitely be more such game worlds in the future. But looking at the rather low player numbers of our legacy game worlds we figured that we cannot afford to open too many of them in short succession. The next one is most likely going to arrive with our next major new feature which is to be announced at this year’s AirlineSim Convention in Leipzig. So stay tuned!