Leipzig 2016: We want your questions!

Only about one more week until the AirlineSim Convention 2016 will begin! As usual we will use this event to present the next big feature for AirlineSim and - if everything works according to plan - attendees will be able to try out the new functions immediately.

Besides the feature presentation I will of course talk a bit about the past year and our short- and mid-term plans for AirlineSim. Should there be enough time left afterwards, I'd love to also touch on a few subjects that you might be interested in. I'm thinking about topics that don't fit into the scope of a forum post or that make a good starting point for a live discussion.

So if you have questions that you would like to get answered in LEJ, please let me know here. It doesn't matter whether it's about technology, game design, community or feature ideas...any suggestions are welcome.

Just like in previous years, we plan to record the presentations from LEJ and upload them to YouTube. So even if you can't make it to the convention, you might want to add your questions to the list.