CS300, Tools to deal with Slot Blocking Rules and new Landing Fees

Just in time for the CS300's entry into service with airBaltic, the type is now also available in AirlineSim.

But the introduction of the CS300 is not the only reason for today's update. Based on the feedback we received following the introduction of the new restrictions against slot blocking we built a few helpers into the game: Most importantly, it's now easier to see which flights are affected by the new rules. On the Scheduling, Market Analysis and Inventory pages, affected routes now carry a small marker. Besides this, the performance and aircraft evaluation tools will tell you whether an aircraft type may operate on the selected route.

In case the new tools helped you discover remaining violations in your schedule: Don't panic! As has been announced previously, we don't plan to actively enforce the new rules (including both slot restrictions as well as prohibited city pairs) before the end of January. So no flights will be cancelled before then.

We are and always have been aware that the new rules will find both supporters and opponents throughout the player-base. But over the past few years, we have learned the hard way that regulations against slot blocking are inevitable. As such, we do not intend to retract or adjust the new rules - a stand that the User Advisory Board still supports, even after additional discussions. We therefore thank all players for their feedback and understanding.

Last but not least, we'd like to announce another change that so far has only affected Aspern and the game worlds launched after it, but that we will roll out to all other game worlds at the of January 2017 as well: Said game worlds launched with a different landing fee structure. This fee structure does not only take into account the size of the destination airport, but also the connection that's being served. The intention is to encourage plausible flights with small equipment between large and small airports while increasing the fixed costs for flights with such equipment between large airports.

While the hard roles against slot blocking mostly aim for a prevention of "slot grabbing" in early phases of the game or when larger amounts of slots become available, the new landing fees try to support an efficient long-term use of slot capacities.

The landing fee change will affect the following game worlds: Kaitak, Idlewild, Devau, Nicosia, Croydon, Tempelhof, Fornebu, Stapleton, Meigs, Pearls, Gatow