New game world: Yeager

Do you fancy a game world with with used aircraft again? Then Yeager is for you!

We’ve selected aircraft from the last 25 years and added lots of used aircraft, so you can start right away! This configuration was inspired by the Idlewild game world and we hope it’ll be a nice variation in game-play for lovers of our time-limited game worlds. Only current aircraft types will be available for order, though.

Get started right here:

The complete configuration is as follows:

  • Used aircraft at start
  • Only current aircraft types available
  • Regular slots
  • No IPOs possible
  • Several holdings per account allowed
  • Increasing demand over time

Just like our Quimby any Otto game worlds, Yeager is time-limited and will run for 7 months until 3rd March 2019.

But why another time-limited game world now, you may ask?

We’re working on a new kind of game world that will start later this year. But with the next launch (Otto restart) still 2 months away, we thought you still might enjoy a fresh game world again. So we’ve decided to shorten the wait and launch Yeager as our third time-limited game world. And as recent feedback called for some used aircraft again, that’s what we’re delivering!

Goodbye CSeries, Hello A220!

As Airbus took over control of the CSeries program, it’s been known as the Airbus A220 for a few weeks now. Today we’re implementing this in the game and have also updated the range chart for the recently introduced Boeing 787-10. More aircraft data updates haven’t made it to today’s patch yet, but are expected to arrive soon.