New long-term game world Xiguan and data patch

Day X has arrived - we welcome Xiguan, our newest long-term game world!

We know that many players are always anxiously waiting for a long-term game world to create their new dream airline, so with Xiguan we fulfil our promise to launch a new such game world this year.

Want to get started right away? This way please:

We are also introducing new aircraft types to all game worlds, that recently entered service:

  • A330-900
  • A321LR
  • A350-900ULR

Also, the Dornier 228 NG will now made available on all game worlds.

We worked on a data patch that aims to balance some outdated airport sizes and provides many new transfer airports that have been requested by our players. We hope this will support more strategic gameplay option in those regions. The airport size updates will only take effect on Xiguan (and in all future game worlds). You can find a complete list of all changes here. Our work on data updates will continue next year, including long overdue demand updates.

The configuration for Xiguan follows the changes we made last year for the Hoover launch:

  • No used aircraft at start
  • Only current aircraft types available
  • One holding per account maximum
  • Slowly increasing demand over time
  • No IPOs possible

Good luck on Xiguan!