Migration of discussion board next week

We are starting into 2019 at full steam! While this means that we will be working on several features and improvements of the game itself during the first quarter of the new year, we first need to get a less fun chore out of the way: Migrating our forums to a new software. This migration is scheduled for 17th January and will cause a downtime of the forums lasting almost the whole day. So mark your calendar and thank you very much for your understanding!

A little bit of context: While the software we currently use to operate our forums has a less then perfect security track-record to begin with, the developer stopped supporting our version altogether quite a while back, leaving us without any updates, including security-related ones. The only way around this would be to upgrade to a new version which would require us to invest a considerable amount of work to maintain functionality like single-sign-on with your AirlineSim account. Given that the available documentation leaves a lot to be desired and the APIs seem to be changing every few weeks, we have made the hard decision to switch to an entirely different software that's easier to work with.

We know that everyone (us included) is very happy and familiar with the way our current forums look and feel. The new software will be quite a departure from this, so it will require some getting used to. But we are convinced that in the long run the move will turn out to be beneficial for everyone involved.

Finally, if you are dreading the downtime and want to keep chatting with the your fellow players while we migrate, why not check out our (so far mostly unknown) Discord channel?