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Maintenance Patch 2019-01

Today we are releasing the first in a series of maintenance patches we have planned for the first quarters of 2019. This one focuses mostly on various smaller comfort improvements and bugfixes. You can find the list of all changes below.

Our thanks goes out to all players that helped ...

Migration of discussion board next week

We are starting into 2019 at full steam! While this means that we will be working on several features and improvements of the game itself during the first quarter of the new year, we first need to get a less fun chore out of the way: Migrating our forums to ...

New long-term game world Xiguan and data patch

Day X has arrived - we welcome Xiguan, our newest long-term game world!

We know that many players are always anxiously waiting for a long-term game world to create their new dream airline, so with Xiguan we fulfil our promise to launch a new such game world this year.

Want to ...

Our plan for 2019

There’s only two weeks left in 2018, so it’s time to sum up this year and also have a glance at 2019.

We’ll be honest with you: This year hasn’t worked out as well as we had hoped and there’s been a lack of development ...

Going back in time - with Quimby VIII

We’re getting nostalgic… thanks to feedback from the community, we’ve decided to launch Quimby VIII with a special aircraft configuration that’ll take you back in time three decades!

We’ve selected a total of 71 aircraft types from about 1883 to 1991 that are all available as ...

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