Update 6.3-96

This is a long overdue maintenance patch which fixes various bugs and adds a few minor changes and improvements. Two things are worth mentioning, though:

  1. We changed how the valuation of companies works. We now take into account the actual company value of subsidiaries and held shares. This way it ...

Update 6.3-45

Our first maintenance patch of the year brings two smaller changes that are mostly relevant for Quimby:

  1. The formula for catering times was unintuitive for small amounts of catering: In some cases, loading more catering would in fact reduce the catering times because more "catering trucks" were used. Now, the ...

Update 6.3-34 and A350 data patch

At last, we're rolling out the long-awaited A350 to all game worlds today. It took us a lot longer than originally intended, but some technical issues were holding us back. Other than the fix for these issues and the data patch, today's update does not introduce any visible ...

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