Update 6.3-200 with hard slot blocking rules

Today is the day: After we postponed the introduction of hard slot blocking rules last month, they get rolled out to all game worlds today. More precisely, these are the relevant changes introduced by today's patch:

  1. The hard slot blocking rules are applied during flight instancing. Whenever the system ...

Update 6.3-96

This is a long overdue maintenance patch which fixes various bugs and adds a few minor changes and improvements. Two things are worth mentioning, though:

  1. We changed how the valuation of companies works. We now take into account the actual company value of subsidiaries and held shares. This way it ...

Update 6.3-66 and Quimby data patch

Today we finally rollout the long anticipated patch that brings all existing game worlds up to the same data level as the recently launched Quimby IV. Most importantly, this includes the new A320neo and several other new aircraft types.

But as mentioned before, the parameters of about 150 aircraft types ...

Update 6.3-45

Our first maintenance patch of the year brings two smaller changes that are mostly relevant for Quimby:

  1. The formula for catering times was unintuitive for small amounts of catering: In some cases, loading more catering would in fact reduce the catering times because more "catering trucks" were used. Now, the ...

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