Dynamic Turnaround Times and Delays

As you know, AirlineSim 6.2 has introduced Speed Overrides and Departure Offsets. Their primary purpose is to allow for easier scheduling of regular flights at slot-congested airports and to permit easier up- or downgrades of aircraft types without changing the schedule. But there’s an obvious problem with this: Although flight times can remain unchanged now, turnaround times are still a big issue with the current absolute planning model. If the changed turnaround times overlap with other items on the flight plan, the plan cannot be executed. Even if it’s just a minute of overlap. But there’s a solution to this problem: Dynamic Turnaround Times and Delays.

Pre-release test of flight ops changes

As most of you know, we’ve had some issues affecting flight instancing in several game worlds recently. While it’s hard to pin-point the exact cause of the problem, we’re pretty sure they are related to several hotfixes we applied over the course of the worst phases of last spring’s performance problems. We do have a first experimental patch ready, but since it affects core systems of the game, we decided to do a pre-release test involving two game worlds (Nicosia and Pearls) to make sure the changes do not cause other bugs and/or degrade performance. If you come across any issues after today’s patch, please let us know.