Quimby XV: Releasing with used aircraft & a 15% discount voucher!

Let's greet the spring season with the start of a short-term server, shall we? This week, our game world Quimby is starting into its 15th iteration, so here's everything you need to know about the setup!

The new server offers a combination of current aircraft for order as new, realistic …

New Medium-Term Game World: Tristar Now Available!

As announced in our March news log, this week is all about the launch of a whole new type of game world: Our first ever medium-term server, Tristar!

In terms of configuration, Tristar offers orders of current aircraft directly from the factory, realistic amounts of used aircraft from the last …

March News Log - Medium-term game world, prices & dev-logs

As spring season is already around the corner, we wanted to take a moment to share the first news log of the year. This time, we're talking about a brand-new type of game world, credit prices and the AirlineSim dev-log on the forum!

Experiment: A new medium-term server

Since half …

Bleriot VI: New Year, New Game World!

Let's greet the new year with a game world relaunch, shall we? This time, we're welcoming the latest iteration of our short-term server Bleriot!

The new server operates with a steady focus on current aircraft, while bringing back unrestricted nighttime flying and introducing the option to create only one holding …

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