Junkers IV: New Game World Live Now!

Welcome back, everyone - we hope you had an enjoyable start into the new year! To kick off 2023, we're rolling out the new iteration of our short-term game world Junkers today!

Similar to previous versions of the server, it will feature current aircraft types as well as nighttime bans and …

Yeager VII - Last Relaunch of the Year!

Like in 2021, we're ending the year by launching a new game world just in time for the winter holidays! With this iteration of Yeager, we're going back to a somewhat classic configuration with current aircraft types and standard slots. All further details are listed below!

If you'd like to …

Quimby XIII Launch - Credit Voucher & New Connecting Flight Rule!

As our game world Quimby came to a close last week, we're eager to start the next iteration of the server today! While Quimby XIII shares some similarities with its predecessor, we've decided to offer even more freedom by bringing back double slots and the option to establish multiple holdings …

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