Data Patch: Introducing Freighter Conversions

Hey everyone! Today, we're rolling out the long-awaited freighter conversion tool that lets you turn your used passenger aircraft into full-fledged cargo machines! As announced in our latest dev update, we're combining the release of the tool with a general data patch that includes some airport updates and a selection …

Junkers III & Updated EU Treaty - Going Live Today!

Looking for a fresh start with your airline? Then we have good news: As our short-term game world Junkers recently came to an end, we're rolling out the server's third iteration today!

Just like before, Junkers III will not feature used aircraft at start. However, unlike its predecessors, the new …

An Update on Fuel Prices

Hey everyone!

As most of you probably noticed, the world's kerosene prices went up quite a bit over the last few weeks, which affected the price levels in AirlineSim as well. Following your discussions regarding the topic made us realize that the rising fuel expenses can make it hard for …

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