Version 1.5.5 and data patch D3

Today is the last patch day of 2010. The 1.5.5 update is a rather small one including few but helpful additions while the data patch is the largest so far. We will probably run the patches some time late this morning or in the early afternoon (CET). Since all game worlds and systems are patched today, please expect downtimes up to 15 or more minutes.

The new features include a new office listing page which provides you with a more detailed view of all your offices. It is sortable by almost all fields, can be filtered by country, gives you a quick overview of night flying bans and noise restrictions at your stations and provides average passenger and cargo load information for the flights that departed from the respective office during the last and current week. Linked from there is, among your flight schedule at any of your offices and the office itself, a new tab of the route page containing more detailed load information for all your outbound or inbound routes at the given office. The listing is sortable as well and provides separate averages for this and the two previous weeks. Both features should greately improve your ability to spot weak or overloaded routes.

Please also note that rescue loans are only granted twice in a row from now on. This means you get two recue loans to restructure your business. If you fail to do so a third closing with a negative cash balance will cause the liquidation of your enterprise! The counting starts after the patch, so in case you received rescue loans before you still got two free shots.

The data patch D3 contains a great amount of new airports (primarily in China) and a a lot of fixes and changes to the airport database. Also included are two new aircraft types, namely the A330-200F (two variants) and the CRJ-1000 (three variants). We had more new aircraft types planned for this release, but as mentioned earlier we came across various issues concerning our legacy aircraft performance system and the data fed to it. We will hold back further new models until these fundamental problems are fixed.

For a detailed list of all changes, please click the link below.

1.5.5 change log

  • Defect #593: Statistics - sum for pax/freight incorrect
  • Defect #756: Staff motivation does not change
  • Defect #760: Wrong staff/salary totals
  • Defect #766: Several Spelling Error
  • Feature #821: Route load check tab on office page
  • Feature #840: Send predefined IGM on name violation
  • Change #645: Public listing of enterprise's contractual partners
  • Change #806: Rework of offices page
  • Change #856: Only grant rescue loans twice in a row

D3 change log

  • Defect #516: Ground network for DMM and BAH
  • Defect #519: Puttaparthi runway length
  • Defect #615: Naming of Singaporian airports
  • Defect #699: Spelling of São José dos Campos (SJK)
  • Defect #701: Los Roques (Venezuela) in ground network of Caracas
  • Defect #713: Airport Split Error: Changsha (CSX) / Huanghua (HHA)
  • Defect #767: Various misspelled airports
  • Defect #768: Velikij Ustyug (VUS) - wrong spelling and runway length
  • Defect #786: ICAO Code for Klagenfurt
  • Defect #788: Updated runway lengths of various Canadian airports
  • Defect #789: Erbil airport extended (runway, traffic, size)
  • Defect #790: Removed night flying bans for 5 South American airports
  • Defect #854: Runway length: Cap Skirring (CSK / GOGS)
  • Feature #498: Add Airbus A330F
  • Feature #521: MIssing airport Pai/Thailand
  • Feature #560: New Airport: Chicago Rockford International Airport
  • Feature #566: New Airport: Mont-Tremblant
  • Feature #567: New Airport: Gulu (Uganda)
  • Feature #607: New airport: Santa Cruz El Trompillo
  • Feature #696: New Airport: Zonguldak (Turkey)
  • Feature #698: New Airport: Enfidha
  • Feature #725: 33 new airports in China
  • Feature #762: Mubarak International Airport is missing
  • Feature #805: CRJ1000 NextGen
  • Feature #855: New airport: Saint-Louis (XLS/GOSS), Senegal
  • Change #60: Production of Dash8-200/300 ceased in 2009
  • Change #522: Airport: Union Island Nighttime ban
  • Change #569: Timezones several russian airports
  • Change #682: Dominica Melville Hall - runway length corrected/night flying ban removed
  • Change #695: Praia runway length
  • Change #700: Dissolution of the Netherlands Antilles
  • Change #726: Various updated traffic numbers for Chinese airports