Our community events 2011

They've become a tradition with AirlineSim and they are highly popular with their attendees: The community meet-ups!

Of course we will have these in 2011 as well and they will follow a by now proven pattern: Spread across the year there will be three events. The first will be the international meet-up in a non-German country, designed specifically for our international community. Then there will be the two-day AirlineSim Convention, an events geared towards the aviation and AirlineSim enthusiasts with a matching program. And last but not least we'll end the year with the Christmas meet-up in cosy atmosphere with friends and family.

After several polls we decided on these places and dates for 2011's events:

International Meet-Up: Prague, Czech Republic, June 11th/12th

AirlineSim Convention: Frankfurt, Germany, August 20th/21st

Christmas Meet-Up: Salzburg, Austria, December 17th/18th

Planning and preparation of the events will take place on the German and international forums and, as usual, participants and interested users are invited to help. More detailed information concerning the particular events will be released in time in this location.