Version 1.5.6

It's patchday! Later today we will install the new version 1.5.6. Since this update includes some critical changes to core systems we will apply the patch very carefully. Therefore it might take a little bit longer than usual to get all game worlds up-tp-date. As always, please keep an eye on our Twitter account. We will post all the latest information concerning the patch day via this channel.

One more important note: We already gave some insight into the difficult hunt for the "stuck aircraft bug" in our last report "from the hangar". Even though this problem shows up as "solved" in the change-log (defect #761) this merely is a attempt to solve the issue which might turn out to work differently than expected or not at all.

The complete change-log:

  • Defect #761: Aircraft get stuck in the air
  • Defect #769: Ckeck Traffic rights on connections
  • Defect #869: Error on searching “ville”
  • Defect #870: Add stocks to company value
  • Defect #874: Wrong Stock-ID display in Stock transaction histories
  • Defect #887: Wrong time window in load monitoring
  • Defect #917: Aircraft evaluation tool ignores aircraft age in maintenance cost calculation
  • Defect #919: Airline and airport schedule show different results for identical route
  • Defect #921: Lifted night flying bans do not come into effect
  • Defect #928: Personnel expenses charged twice, jump in stock rate shortly after
  • Feature #817: “Remove selected days’ flights” – Aircraft / Flight planning page
  • Feature #853: Display country of interlining partners in contract listing
  • Feature #894: Show Manager/Director on Alliance Page
  • Feature #906: Add text with information about a possible IPO on founding a new enterprise
  • Feature #955: Extend Statistic Values (public) on Airline Info Page
  • Feature #957: Link to Enterprise/Overview
  • Feature #958: Aircraft histories
  • Feature #983: Load Monitoring – sortable Columns / link to route
  • Change #872: Display enterprise name on deletion
  • Change #907: Stock quote – minimum stock quote of 1 AS\$
  • Change #965: Display business relation of contractual partner in table
  • Change #966: Rename function: deactivate game world
  • Change #992: Stock Market: Avoid 0 stock emissions
  • Change #994: Simplify office and route deletion