New game world launches tomorrow

After a far too long hiatus, a new AirlineSim game world will finally launch tomorrow. Since it's the first launch in AirlineSim's 10th year of existence, we have prepared a bunch of interesting changes to be introduced with the new game world:

  • The AGEX economic index that will add a additional dynamic component to the game
  • A traditional Chinese translation of the game
  • A reworked traffic model featuring more up-to-date and realistic traffic flows
  • Long-awaited new aircraft types including the B787 and B747-8 as well as several adjusted existing models
  • New measures against the initial flood of used aircraft at server start (i.e. adjusted rules for loans, slower availability of used aircraft)
  • Every account will be restricted to a single holding (for now, only in the new game world)
  • Several other smaller changes and bugfixes

The game world will probably be operational sometime in the morning, Central European Time. The name of the game world will be announced tomorrow.