Pearls: 10 Years, 10 Game Worlds

Surprise! Tonight we are happy to announce another historic milestone: In AirlineSim’s 10th year of existence we are launching our overall 10th game world! We are also rather thrilled by the reason for this launch: Just weeks after the start of Meigs, both our youngest game worlds are full to the last spot most of the time. Therefore we decided to bring up another one to allow for a clean start on a fresh server for everyone.

Following our established tradition, the game world is of course named after a former civilian airport. This time it’s “Pearls”, the first and now defunct airport of the Caribbean island country of Grenada.

The configuration is identical to that of Meigs, so there’s a limit to one holding per account. The only difference is the situation in Berlin which has been adjusted to real-world circumstances: Instead of the new Berlin Brandenburg airport, Pearls starts out with the existing Schönefeld and Tegel airports which were supposed to be replaced by the new BER this summer.

Find the new game world here:

Have fun!