Removal of official leasing/financing for private aircraft offers

When we introduced the new aircraft market in August we also added a new feature that was intended to stimulate the aircraft market and to improve the pricing of used aircraft: When a player put an aircraft for sale, potential buyers could not only pay in cash but also make use of leasing and financing options offered by official AirlineSim companies.

Unfortunately and as it’s often the case, a group of players misused this feature to their own benefit in a way that wasn’t intended. Especially alliances used it to essentially print money for their members.

For this reason this feature will be removed from the game with immediate effect. We are not announcing this ahead of the implementation to not give the ability to react to the players who made us remove the feature in the first place.

Although we regret to  once again remove a feature due to misuse, the scale of the misuse and its negative effect on the game we saw ourselves force to take this step. We are aware that this change will again punish the players that stick to the rules and play fair. Nevertheless we have to ask for your understanding for the decision we’ve made.