Update 6.2-72

This is mostly a maintenance release. A noteworthy change is the removal of a traffic rights bug that would allow airlines to transport passengers between countries of a treaty and non-treaty countries even when the origin country was not their own. Also, you can now filter by payload in the Connection Analyzer, which should come in handy for cargo airlines. Find a detailed list of all changes below.

  • NEW: Payload filters in Connection Analyzer
  • BUGFIX: Certain multi-leg connections from within treaty areas sometimes had too liberal traffic rights.
  • BUGFIX*: Content of contract popup in fleet management was hard to read in classic theme.
  • BUGFIX: Page that displays when accessing premium content without premium account would sometimes cause an error.
  • INTERNAL: Removal of old data structures for routes which became obsolete after switch to airport pairs.

* Might require a hard refresh in your browser to become effective/work correctly.