Update 6.2-106

This small upgrade mostly adds another batch of new aircraft sheer plans. At this point I’d like to take the opportunity to thank the small team of people who’ve been voluntarily providing these awesome, high-quality images for years now. In my opinion, they add a lot to make the otherwise rather dry and abstract AirlineSim a bit more „tangible“, if you know what I mean. The original sheer plans in the „current“ style were created by CarlosSRD. Later on, helios provided many missing images. Most recently, pleurotides joined the ranks and is currently filling remaining gaps with own creations and modifications of existing material. Thanks a lot guys :)

  • NEW: Aircraft sheer plans AN-24/26/32
  • NEW: Aircraft sheer plan AN-38
  • NEW: Aircraft sheer plan AN-140
  • NEW: Aircraft sheer plans AN-74/AN-74 Convertible
  • NEW: Aircraft sheer plan AN-124
  • NEW: Aircraft sheer plans AVIC II / Xian Y-7 family
  • NEW: Aircraft sheer plans AVIC II / Xian MA-60/MA-600
  • NEW: Aircraft sheer plan PZL/AN-28
  • BUGFIX: Round deck utilization up to one decimal in cabin editor to avoid „invalid at exactly 100%“ problems
  • BUGFIX*: Classic theme: Links in headers now displayed in white for better contrast

* Might require a hard refresh in your browser to become effective/work correctly.